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Walking and riding in the West

Riding a bike even short distances can be a great way to get healthy exercise, and save the time and stress that being stuck in traffic involves.

But there aren’t enough connected bike paths in Melbourne’s West to make riding feel safe and easy.

With tens of thousands of large freight trucks travelling around and through Melbourne's West every day, it's no wonder people don't want to risk riding on the road. 

In areas of Melbourne with well-designed cycling routes well-connected path networks, commuting by bike can be as high as 20 per cent. But Melbourne’s West cycling commuting rates only reach 1-3 per cent.

If more people felt safe riding their bike we could take some pressure off train station and shopping strip car parks that are full or over-flowing.  

Expanding and fixing missing links in our off-road bike path network would get more people riding and out of the traffic. 

It's time for better bike paths in Melbourne's West so we don't have to drive. 


Have you had issues with walking and riding in the West?

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