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The facts are in, the transport crisis in the West is affecting our health

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The facts are in, the transport crisis in the West is affecting our health

Last week Domain released their first ever Healthy Suburbs study – and the results don’t look good for Melbourne’s West.

Our patchy transport infrastructure left all but a few suburbs in Melbourne’s West ranked in the red.

The study rated Melbourne’s suburbs using 10 key indicators to make up their final healthy suburbs score. These included “promotion indicators”: factors that encourage communities to engage in a healthy lifestyle by walking and using active transport like bike riding.

But right now bike paths in Melbourne’s West don’t feel safe and they’re not easy for kids, families or commuters to ride on. 25% of people don’t have public transport within walking distance of their house, and 70% of workers don’t have frequent public weekday public transport within walking distance either.

We know this is a great place to live, but without necessary investment, it’s no wonder most suburbs in Melbourne’s West scored only one star.

Because the West doesn’t have sufficient bike paths or public transport, we can’t get out and lead a healthy lifestyle. Instead we have to sit for hours in congested traffic just to get where we need to go.

We know that staying healthy, active, and connected with our communities is important, and to do this we need our cycling and public transport infrastructure fixed.

How do we make our suburbs healthier?

Time for the West is a grassroots community campaign working together to make sure our MPs know that we need major investment in transport infrastructure in Melbourne’s West.

Together, we’re telling our politicians must take action and commit to providing Melbourne’s West with the bike paths and public transport our growing communities need.

Ahead of the election we’re making sure our MPs listen and take our ideas to parliament and start solving our transport issues in the West.

Add your voice to the thousands of others calling for action. Sign the Time for the West petition and make sure your family and friends do too. We’ll keep you updated on our campaign and ways that you can get involved.

Together our communities in Melbourne’s West can make sure we get a transport system that benefits all of us. Together we can tell our politicians that it’s time for the West.