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I live in Brooklyn with my wife and our little boy Spencer. Our week days involve an incredibly complicated juggle to get me and my wife to work on time, and Spencer dropped off to childcare.

I use the 411,412 and 903 bus a lot. They take me from my Brooklyn home to the train stations and bus terminals in Footscray and Sunshine.  I can also catch the 232 bus connecting the city and Brooklyn directly.  However I often get stuck in traffic on the West Gate Bridge and the city. The bus departing from the city often comes late as well.

When I finish work, I usually catch the 411 or the 412 that come every 20 minutes but they are often late and there are only four services combined after 7pm and services finish all together at 9:06pm.

My trip to to drop Spencer off to childcare in Maidstone is even more tricky. We need to catch at least two buses each way. We have tried having my wife drop me off at Sunshine to catch the 408 bus but we have given up doing that after waiting for 40 minutes on several occasions when the bus was so full it wasn't picking up more passengers. 

The impact it has on our family is quite big. It can be really stressful as any small issue – maybe Spencer needs more time to get ready in the morning or there is more traffic than usual – can throw the whole thing out.  It means we spend a lot of time and energy just getting places, and feel exhausted at the end of the day.

Our lives would be so much easier if the buses from the city or train stations  ran later in the evening and were more reliable. For a while we were waiting for our house to be built, my wife was having to get Spencer out of bed at 10pm at night to come and pick me up.

A train station in walking distance from Brooklyn would also help!