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Thais Cristina's Case Study

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I am a mom of 1, always lived in the inner east side of melbourne until 4 years ago when I moved to the inner west. Love the inner west but public transport is an issue Altona north currently does not have a train station, even thought the train crosses Miller’s road, most people that I know in Altona north drive to the city, instead of taking the train. Others like me drive to Newport station and take the train to the city, however Newport station currently does not provide enough parking, so unless you arrive by 7:30am you have to park at least 1km away from the station. A community that easily would take 20min to get to the city if we had a station in Altona north, it currently takes 1 hour go to and 1 hour to come back. Traffic around altona north and Newport to get to the station and no where to park the car at the station I could do so much more in my life if I had an extra hour added to my day.