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Meg's Case Study

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Communications professional working in the CBD. My husband and I recently bought our first home in Sunshine. Previously we rented in Kew. My concern is around air particle pollution due to the number of trucks on the road, older buses and vline trains (that spew smog and should be decommissioned; I never saw buses so old in the east), factories and industry in the west. I catch the train to Flagstaff everyday, and it's the approximate 2km roundtrip to and from the station, along major roads, where I'm exposed to this pollution. I also live on busy Wright Street. Trains being late going into the city in the morning, and regularly being too full to get onto at Flagstaff in peak hour heading home. Stressing about my health due to the air I breathe. My husband and I will be trying for a baby this year, so that concern will only be amplified if and when I fall pregnant. Train delays mean that I get into work later and therefore have to stay later, eating into my free time—the same is true when the trains are too full to board on the journey home.