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Graeme's Case Study

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I work at La Trobe university as a research librarian. I am a bike advocate and would like the option of using public transport or riding my bike but the timing and linking is too fraut. Over the 9 or so years of driving to work there are multiple pain points. Green Gully Road, The Ring Road, Plenty Road. However even with each of these driving pain points and times when it feels like I risk my life each day I can still more or less get to and from work in around 45 minutes. The public transport or biking options take double that time so seem unreasonable. There is nothing direct. A bus goes down my road but all things lead to the centre of town and then go out. It is all too hard to try and fathom the bus routes and possibilites of connection. The bike route I have tried is exhausting. The only truely mostly off road path, Ring Road path, is rough, isolated, dark, full of glass and refuse and currently has 3 by passes pushing you onto busy roads.
I'd like to be more of a public transport and alternative transport advocate but I don't have the time and thus I contribute to traffic congestion in our already busy and grid locked car centric community.