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Melbourne’s west is ready to take off.

Our population is set to more than double over the next 30 years, to 1.8 million.

It’s no surprise our communities are the fastest growing in Victoria – the west is a great place to live. 

But politicians in the west haven’t done enough to make sure we have the transport services we need.

It takes too long to get to work, and there often aren’t any alternatives if our normal route is disrupted.

Services don’t connect to our local schools, shops and community centres, and they are too disjointed, confusing, and infrequent to rely on.

Lots of our destinations are within cycling distance, but the routes aren’t safe enough to ride on.

This is holding us back. It means we have less time with our families; people struggle to take advantage of job opportunities; and we don’t have any other option but to drive in congested traffic.

With our region growing faster than any other part of Melbourne, now is the time for politicians to listen to us and fix transport in the west.

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