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Buses best for the West

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Buses best for the West

Did you see ABC’s 730 last week? Melbourne’s bus network needs a huge overhaul, and nowhere needs it more than our growing suburbs out here in the West.


Melbourne’s West is in urgent need of better bus services. They are our only option for public transport while we wait for tram and train lines to be built – which could take decades!


There are over 300 bus routes in Melbourne, but most of these only run every 30 to 40 minutes. Some only run once an hour, and then some don’t even turn up at all!


And this is not the only problem. A lot of Melbourne’s bus routes take a long time to get to their destination. They go on long confusing routes, and are often held up by congestion and accidents on our roads.


Because we are missing out on accessible, reliable, and efficient public transport, many of us are forced to use a car to get where we need to go. But taking a car just adds to congestion on our roads, and it becomes a vicious cycle with our commutes only getting longer by the day.


The West is Melbourne’s fastest-growing region, so we need our public transport to keep up with our booming population. This means adding more bus services and dedicated bus lanes. Together, these would give us a public transport system we can rely out on to get us out and about.



So what’s next?


The Victorian State Election is less than one month away. Ahead of the election, the Time for the West community will be working together to make sure our MPs know that we need major investment in transport infrastructure in Melbourne’s West.


Together, we’re telling our politicians must take action and commit to providing Melbourne’s West with the bike paths and public transport our growing communities need.


By adding our names to the Time for the West petition, and sharing our nightmare commute stories, we’re making sure our MPs listen and start solving our transport issues in the West.


So don’t miss out! Add your voice to the thousands of others calling for action. Sign the Time for the West petition and make sure your family and friends do too. We’ll keep you updated on our campaign and ways that you can get involved.


Together our communities in Melbourne’s West can make sure we get a transport system that benefits all of us. Together we can tell our politicians that it’s time for the West.