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Andrea's Case Study

posted by Andrea

We are a family of 2 working parents with children of school age. Both of our boys are into sport which is great because it keeps them busy and out of trouble. Our eldest is 15 and wants to be independent, and we want to give him that responsibility. What should be a 15 minute drive by car to sassella Park is an hour on the bus with two changes and 15 minutes of walking. To get to Aberfeldie Park, it’s almost 2 hours, 3 bus changes and 24 minutes of walking. To get to the school he wants to go to, again it’s an hour and a half with 3 changes and 15-20 minutes walking. The hardest part is knowing that our son is 15, more than capable of taking public transport, but the time and number of changes involved mean that he won’t actually make it to Training on time anyway. Or, we would need to be packing him off on a bus at 6:30am to get where he needs to go. In order to allow my kids to just be kids and go to sport, Training etc I’ve actually just resigned from my job to work for myself at home. This leads to instability with income. If the public transport in the West was better, I wouldn’t have had to do this. Our kids have missed out on so much because we haven’t been able to get time off work to take them where they need to be. Taylors Hill is very poorly connected to other suburbs.